Sandra Nardi Featured in The Guardian Small Biz Article

Entrepreneur and Merton Best finalist, Sandra Nardi was featured in The Guardian‘s Small Biz Network article ‘Drained by stress, we quit teaching to start thriving businesses‘ written by Emma Sheppard. 

Before she retrained as a teacher, Nardi had worked as Sony’s UK PR manager, overseeing a £1m budget and 10 external PR firms. After three years, she says she “crashed and burned” and sought out a simpler life in education. She left teaching after nine years, frustrated with the bureaucracy and the limited time it left for her own children.

“I wanted to carve out a career where I could pick my kids up from school, attend their sports day, be with them if they’re sick. It’s one of those jobs where you literally can’t say ‘I’m not coming in’, because you’ve got 30 kids waiting for you. And that emotional pressure is insane.”

Her return to PR came after she helped with a shop launch and realised she should be charging for her skills. While her PR know-how has been invaluable for her business, her teaching skills have also proved useful.

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